I’m Dana Feero

I began writing at the age of 12, partly from living in the country where the nearest neighbor was a 1/4 of a mile away, and partly because of depression.  My home life was privileged but strained, with an overbearing father and a passive aggressive mother.  I was orphaned and abandoned very early in life, spent a year in an unstable foster home, and adopted at the age of 2 1/2. I loved to read (our version of video games) to escape the stresses of school and life, and found I could become anyone I wanted to be in my imagination. A whole new world of alternate realities and alter-egos opened up to me, and in 1976 I began to realize that I could also write.  I could make up short stories, and even tried my hand at writing a novel when I was in middle school. A geek to the core, my free times at school hanging around with the other rejects; the ones who couldn’t afford the name brand clothing, or didn’t have parents who could get them anything they wanted. We were the (slow learners), or the ones nobody else seemed to want to hang around with, but we had each other. Kids around that age can be very cruel and heartless when you don’t fit in, so it was hard growing up. But I kept writing; kept pursuing my dream. And though I wasn’t the brightest kid in the school, there were a few things I excelled at: English, literature, and writing.

In my early twenties I finally had to face where my sin and running from God had brought me; penniless, several thousand dollars in debt, 7 months pregnant, and trapped in an abusive relationship with a man I wasn’t married to. My parents had disowned me and I was on my own. I was a good kid, by today’s standards, but God didn’t and still doesn’t see it that way. Like the prodigal son, I finally surrendered to Christ on the floor of our dilapidated trailor home.  The year was 1988, and I discovered the saving grace of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Sept of 1988.  I had sunk so far down that the only place I could look was up, and there He found me. He lifted me up out of that muck and mire my sin had brought me to, and in 3 days I was back home with my parents and away from the man who had kept me trapped for 2 years. If anyone ever tells you that God doesn’t work miracles, just send them my way, I have plenty of testimonies to show them otherwise. My sin may have been forgiven, but I still had to face the effects of them. I had to give my baby up for adoption. I wanted a better life for him than I could provide, and there was also the problem of his abuse father to complicate the issue, forcing me to opt for a closed adoption, meaning that I could never visit him, see any photos, or even know where he was. But it was all for him, and I would gladly do it again.

Fast forward 5 yrs later. I had finally found the man God had set apart for me, and baby (son) that I could keep. I am a servant of God first, a wife and mother second, and a writer at heart.  This is my first functioning website, and one in which I can call myself an author. I have completed the rough draft of my first novel, “Fireflies of Switchmore Creek” and have decided to self publish first, then see where God takes it after that. Please visit my blog and I hope you enjoy it.  Your feedback would be greatly appreciated and I welcome your critiques. God bless you.


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