Inner-Court Ministry–Your Ministry to God

(Excerpts from “Inner-Court ministry–Your Ministry to God” are from Prayer Portions written by Sylvia Gunter.  If you want to read the entire portion, Prayer Portions can be found in old fashioned book form or e-book format.) 

God is seeking worshipers.  He desires His people to be eager to know Him intimately and experience all of who He is.  He wants people who are not content to be just born-again and sitting on their eternal security.  He longs for His people not only to love Him, but be in love with Him.

The Levites stood before the people to minister to them in the outer court of the temple; but the sons of Zadok, the Levitical priests, kept charge of the sanctuary, coming near to God to minister to Him (Eze. 44:15).   There is a difference.  We need to be not only Levites, ministering to people in the outer court, but Levitical priests, first ministering in the inner court to God (Deut. 10:8  Our hearts and spirits need to meet His Spirit in worship before working in His name.  Let God work in you before you before you work out.  Worship before work.

In the outer-court, there is recognition measured by abilities, performance, talents, and oratory.  The inner-court ministry to God is done away from human eyes.  There is no recognition except God’s.  Everyone there is on the same level before Him, no Christian super-stars.  You can be so caught up in “doing the work of the Lord” that you neglect the Lord of the work. 

Inner-court ministry is intimacy with Jesus Himself with an undivided heart.  It is the right of all the church, not just people on the platform on Sunday.  When Jesus died on the cross, the veil of the holy of holies was torn from top to bottom.  Now every believer has access to the inner court.  What an awesome privilege!  All may boldly come into the holy of holies to praise, worship, adore, love, glorify the Father, and yield as a minister.  Outer-court ministry without inner-court ministry to God will not yield God’s best eternal fruit.  To minister to God is life, first we must wait on Him in the inner sanctuary, sacrificing all we are and have to Him, so that His Spirit can flow freely through us in ministry to others.  Ministry that has been anointed with His presence has transforming power in other lives.

The need of the hour is for believers to be in the inner-court as priests.  God desires to visit you mightily–to convict, woo, love, proclaim, reconcile, make all things new, and glorify Himself.  Intimacy with the risen Christ is first priority.  Minister to God in praise, worship, and communion in the inner-court just because He is worthy of worship.  The worship is blessed by His presence.  Then God Himself moves upon you to bless and minister to you.

(Emphasis added.)



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